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Toprol generic price

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John wikstrand said, the maximum target dose of 200mg toprol-xl was well tolerated by most patients, and should be strived for.

Observe patients treated with metoprolol succinate extended release hydrochlorothiazide plus a catecholamine depletor for evidence of hypotension or marked bradycardia, which may produce vertigo, syncope, or postural hypotension.

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The most common side effects with metoprolol are low blood pressure; slow heart rate; dizziness; fatigue; depression; itchy skin; rash; and diarrhea.

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3 were reported in metoprolol recipients.

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Use toprol xl with caution.

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My dr put me on metoprolol, low dose, for atrial fib.

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since i cannot get in touch with the doctor that insists that i should take toprol, i have increased my dosage back to what it was with the originally mis-marked bottle, which was 100 mg, and added the second dosage that the doctor told me to when i did visit and none of us new that the bottle was mis-marked.

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