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Cost of abilify in mexico

Abilify is also used as an add-on drug to fight depression in cases where antidepressants are not effective enough.

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, the japanese company that developed abilify, and bristol-myers squibb, which markets the drug in the u.

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300 mg single-dose pre-filled dual chamber syringe containing abilify maintena aripiprazole for extended-release injectable suspension lyophilized powder and sterile water for injection one 23 gauge, 1 inch 25 mm hypodermic safety needle with needle protection device for deltoid administration in non-obese patients one 22 gauge, 1.

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abilify works by lessening certain chemicals in the brain, specifically dopamine and serotonin, that are often elevated in patients with those conditions.

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Abilify is also prescribed for acute manic episodes of type 1 in manic-depressive psychosis and as a supportive treatment for bipolar affective disorders.

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